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Gea Quality, a Company specialized in security technology, is committed to providing value- added services through education, training and the quality of our products. The result of this work is GEALIA, continuing to be at the forefront to grow as a leading company in innovate solutions, celebrating 25 years of safety.

Dedicated since 1998 to the provision of value-added services, safety against toxic, flammable and refrigerant gases in confined spaces, mining, tunnels, escape and self-rescue equipment, acoustics, electromagnetic fields and fire protection systems, specialized in the area of ​​strategic and process management and the prevention of occupational risks and the control of environmental parameters.

Gas Detection

At Gealia we are specialists in the detection of toxic, flammable and refrigerant gases. Fixed and Portable Gas Detection
Systems are used to protect people and work environments from the risks of dangerous gases. Our solutions are based on experience and the work we do in close collaboration with our client.

Fire Protection

Gealia is a company specialized in Safety, Occupational Risk Prevention and Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems (PCI). A member of Cepreven, Gealia has the IQNet-AENOR ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (Safety and Health at Work) certifications.

Dust Measurement

Gealia supplies a wide range of instrumentation to solve your needs in Occupational Risk Prevention, Environment, Environmental Control, Process and Storage.


At Gealia we work to protect those who work at risk. Our technical team offers you a wide range of self-contained breathing apparatus, escape or evacuation, self-rescuers and respiratory protection equipment that comply with the most demanding regulations.

Electromagnetic Fields

We are distributors of basic instrumentation and
complete systems for testing, measurement and control of Electromagnetic Fields.
We have equipment for specific measurements and certifications, permanent radiation control solutions and even the creation of electromagnetic maps in cities or buildings (outdoor / indoor).

Measurement and Control Instrumentation

Gealia supplies a wide range of technical instrumentation and equipment to solve your needs in Occupational Risk revention, Environment, Control of environmental conditions, Process and Storage. 
We put at your disposal our technical and commercial team with more than 15 years of experience.


Supplied Detectors


iNet (equipment)



Calibrated Detectors


Protected Lives


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iNet la solución global a la detección de gases

GEA Quality es el distribuidor oficial en España de DEZEGA, líderes mundiales en la producción de equipos autónomo de protección respiratoria avanzados. Nuestros equipos son capaces de mejorar la seguridad de los trabajadores bajo tierra, capaces de protegerlos cuando el oxígeno es inferior al 17%.

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