Coating Testing: Viscosity

Coating Testing: Viscosity
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Density Cup NOVOTEST PYCNOMETER P-2811 is a laboratory device used for measuring the density—or, more accurately, the volume—of solids, be they regularly shaped, porous or nonporous, monolithic, powdered, granular.

The method of measuring of the density consist of determining the mass of tested material, which is placed to the container (pycnometer) of known volume at a certain temperature. To calculate the density the obtained weight divided by volume of tested liquid. Density tester (pycnometer) NOVOTEST P-2811 is complies with ISO 2811-1.

The tested material is poured into pycnometer, after that the cap is covered with overflow hole. Surpluses of fluid, which are flowing through overflow hole carefully removed with a soft material (if necessary, moistened with solvent).

Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ

Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ is designed for rapid determination of the relative viscosity (flow time) paints and other related products (Newtonian liquids). Viscosity cup is a reservoir shaped like a funnel with three interchangeable nozzles. The operating principle of the viscometer is based on determining the time of the expiration of a certain volume of the test liquid through the nozzle.


  • Simplicity of design.
  • Usability of measure with tripod.
  • High measuring accuracy.
  • Variations of orifices sizes according to the standards.
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Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P

Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P is used for the rapid testing of the conditional viscosity of a large batch of products where it is necessary to evaluate viscosity as quickly as possible. It can also be used for liquids in use (oil baths of moving parts), hot liquids and others, where the use of Viscosity Cup in the standard version may be difficult.

The method for determining the conditional viscosity using a viscosity cup is to measure the time the paint (or other liquid) expands through the nozzle of the tank.

The measurement is carried out by immersing the device into the material, and measuring the time of expiration of the material through a specific nozzle. With this method, the measurement accuracy is degraded, in comparison with the standard type of device, but the speed of testing is significantly increased.

Viscosity Dip Mug NOVOTEST VMS


Viscosity Dip Mug NOVOTEST VMS is used to determine the convectional viscosity of the dispersion polyvinyl-acetate homopolymers coarse dispersion.

The device is a cylindrical brass vessel with a handle and three orifices, two of them are located at the lateral wall of the cylinder (by manual – lateral orifices), and the third – at the centre of the base (base orifice).

Conventional viscosity using the standard viscosity mug is to be determined at (20 ± 2)°C. The dispersion need to be thoroughly mixed, and poured a full mug. Than lift it and watch the level of the dispersion. When the dispersion level in the viscosity mug decreases and opens the upper lateral orifice – start the stopwatch. The stopwatch is to be stopped at that moment when the dispersion comes to the level of the lower lateral orifice. The viscosity index is definite by the time (in seconds) that takes the dispersion to lower the level  from the upper lateral orifice to the lower lateral orifice. The result of the testing is the average value of three parallel testing (the discrepancy between of them should not exceed 10%).

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