Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing
Monitorización de la calidad del aire en interiores

Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector

Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector is used to measure the thickness of the concrete cover, determine the location and estimate the diameter of rebar in reinforced concrete products in the conditions of enterprises, construction sites, buildings and structures in use.

Main functions of the Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector:

  • Measuring thickness of the protective layer of concrete within a certain range.
  • Determination of the diameter of fittings with a known protective layer.
  • Measurements of the unknown parameters of reinforcement.
  • Scan mode.
  • Deep search for reinforcement.
  • Configuration mode for Steel.
  • Calibration for 2 different types of the reinforcement (smooth and grooved).


  • High precision measurements of concrete cover.
  • Search rebar by means of a linear indicator, digital readout, and tone.
  • The presence of a Deep search mode.
  • Ability to compensate for the influence of parallel rods.
  • Graphic display with backlight.
  • The sensor design with convenient strap.
  • Small size and weight.
  • Determination of the projections on the surface of the concrete reinforcement, measurement of the protective layer, the estimate diameter.
  • Automated calibration of the instrument before performing the measurements.
  • An automated setup for Steel.
  • Displays information on a graphical display with backlight.

Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH

Concrete rebound hammer (sclerometer) – is a device for concrete and other building materials strength testing.

The method of the strength testing of concrete with using the rebound hammer is based on the impacting the striker on the concrete surface with predetermined (normed) impacting energy and after measuring the height of the striker rebounding. The height of the striker rebounding will be proportional to the strength of concrete. The strength of concrete is determined by the calibration charts which is supplied with the instrument.

Due to this instrument is very ease in operation, has good reliability of design and high measurement accuracy, so that this method is the most common method of measuring the strength of concrete in the world.

Advantages of the Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH: Concrete Rebound Hammer NOVOTEST SH has 3 modifications with different impacting energy, so that user can test all kinds of concrete and other building materials.

Strength Meter NOVOTEST IPSM

The device allows controlling the strength and homogeneity of the concrete, brick and other materials under the composition and surface sounding in products and designs for construction projects, inspection of buildings and structures. It has the function of determining the depth of cracks by the Surface sounding.

NOVOTEST IPSM is designed for

  • Detection of voids, cracks and defects encountered in the production and operation of structures (for process control and inspection of facilities).
  • Control and uniformity of concrete strength (Guidelines MDS 62-2.01), construction and composite materials, structures, bridges and waterworks.
  • Measure the depth of cracks in the tested materials.
  • Determine the density and elastic modulus fiberglass and so on.
  • Definitions of sound index of construction ceramics and abrasives.
  • Estimates of the porosity, fracturing and anisotropy of the material.
  • Assess the degree of maturity of the concrete in a monolithic concreting.
  • Visualize the presence of a signal (A-scan).
  • Possibility of control of concrete (and other) constructions for internal defects, discontinuities.
  • Improve the accuracy of measurement of time intervals by allowing manual selection of the moment trip meter.


  • Calculating the strength, density and elastic modulus of the pre-installed calibration graph.
  • Memory of the results.
  • Communication with the PC.
  • Further processing of the results using a specialized computer program.
  • Ability to work on large databases with transducers for sounding.
  • Universal transducers for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic scanning.
  • The increased excitation voltage probe pulses.

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