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Gas Detection

At GEALIA we take responsibility for the correct operation of your Facilities, Labor Safety Resources and Fire Protection. We carry out turnkey projects, maintenance, rental and supply of the necessary equipment to guarantee the performance of your operations complying with your safety standards.

At GEALIA we are experts in detecting toxic, refrigerant and flammable gases. We take care of the study and design of your gas detection system using a method that incorporates the application of current legislation, experience in similar environments and your internal safety standards, as well as the use of advanced statistical risk assessment tools. who assign and verify security objectives, plan the security life cycle, and design operations and maintenance.

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GEALIA is an EPC engineering company specialized in the design, installation, maintenance and calibration of detection and ventilation systems against leakage of toxic gases, refrigerants, explosives and fire fighting systems.


We know the responsibility of maintaining workplace safety standards in your organization and that is why we want to share this responsibility with you. We monitor in real time the current situation of your facilities and workers. Management of alarms, man down and geolocation events and we are responsible for managing the equipment necessary to meet the required security levels.

Gas detection systems 

Within gas detection systems, whether toxic, refrigerant or flammable, no two applications are the same. That is why the planning and design of gas detection systems must be totally personalized. It is necessary to take into account aspects such as the characteristics of the gas to be detected, the existence of interfering gases, the performance of a fixed and portable system (both with different purposes, although they are designed for the same gas and used in the same area), the environmental and meteorological characteristics, the classification of the work area, etc.


We are specialists in the detection of toxic, refrigerant and flammable gases using portable equipment. These gas detectors are used to protect people from the risks of dangerous gases.

Our solutions are designed in close collaboration with the client, studying their needs and risks, placing them in the hands of our engineering department, which provides its experience in the sector, allowing you to save on resources and reduce costs.


We are specialists in the detection of toxic, refrigerant and flammable gases. These gas detectors are used to protect people and property from the risks of dangerous gases.

GEALIA’s technical department offers you the best solutions in different sectors:


  • Storage of chemical products. Design and Installation of fixed detection systems for toxic, refrigerant and flammable gases, complying with the current legislation applicable to the storage of Chemical Products; Petroleum products; Biofuels; Food products; Vegetable oils and fats; Molasses; Gases
  • Water supply and management systems. Design and Installation of Detection Systems for gases produced in all stages of water management. We are specialized in confined spaces, ATEX zone, H2S detection and ventilation; NH3, etc.
  • Detection of refrigerant gas leaks in the Food Industry; Pharma; Water Management, etc.
  • Detection of gases produced in process in Industrial Chemical; Hydrocarbon refinery, vegetable oils, etc; Iron and steel industry; Feeding; Pharma.
  • Detection of gases in mining.
  • Detection of gases present in confined spaces. We have been providing solutions for more than 20 years to carry out work safely in any activity in which a confined space may exist.
  • Detection of gases in laboratories in Research Centers, Universities; Quality and Process Control.
  • Realization and execution of projects for the declassification of ATEX zones.


To guarantee the safety of people and property, it is necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of gas detection equipment through proper maintenance and calibration of fixed and portable systems.

Our specialists have the necessary qualification, always using the specific standards of your system and application, ensuring the traceability of the entire process through our calibration.

We follow the indications of each one of the manufacturers and the legislative precepts that every day more and more, order our actions, proposing an adapted maintenance and calibration program, taking care of all the logistics associated with this operation.

With the calibration and maintenance of your gas detection systems on a scheduled basis, we are able to improve the operation of your facilities, decrease unscheduled production stops; increasing the safety of personnel, facilities and the useful life of equipment.

Fixed gas detection

Portable gas detection

Fire detection systems

Video surveillance systems


Renting gas detectors can be an efficient and fast solution in the event that you need them urgently and on time. We have a rental service that will allow you to have gas detection equipment as a means of protection, ensuring that you will have the necessary security at all times. The service is fully guaranteed and the equipment is certified and in perfect working order.

The best gas detection products can be rented for maintenance operations, supply interruptions, emergencies, special situations, work performed by contractors, replacements for tests or repairs, etc.

We offer short and long-term rental of single-gas and multi-gas detectors, as well as area detectors.

With the GEALIA Rental Service we offer you:

  1. Guaranteed availability in the face of incident management.
  2. On-site pickup and delivery services.
  3. Control and certification of equipment calibrations.

If you need other types of safety equipment, just let us know and we will evaluate it without obligation.

Alquiler de detectores de gases


iNET is a connected security service and solution that ensures your gas leak detection equipment is reliable and productive. Gas detection is probably not critical to your job, but that’s what we do at GEALIA. It is what we are passionate about doing. Outsourcing gas detection allows you to overcome staff shortages. iNet automates time-consuming maintenance tasks. This way, your staff can be more productive and focus on income-generating activities. Additionally, gas detectors keep your personnel safe, but can be a significant expense in your bottom line, iNet allows you to amortize this investment over the life of the detector and know the monthly cost up front.

iNet helps you achieve a safer workplace. On average, the gas detectors in the iNet fleet have a major alarm event once every ten days. Do you know how many important alarms your facility had? iNet gives you the information and tools you need to fix problems before they arise.

  • Use the data more efficiently. iNet ™ connects your gas detectors to powerful software. It collects, analyzes and simplifies useful data about your workplace.
  • Increases the reliability of your equipment. With automatic maintenance, your gas detectors will have the best operating conditions, ready to protect workers for the next shift.
  • Proven compliance. iNet ™ supplies documentation verifying compliance to external auditors. Customer configurations can also measure internal compliance against their own standards.

iNet offers you cost savings. The purchase price is only part of the total cost of a detector. You have to maintain it. You have to wait for someone to do the maintenance. iNet eliminates unnecessary ownership and maintenance costs.

  • Optimize the size of your fleet. iNet virtually eliminates instrument downtime. You don’t have to buy and maintain a stock of replacement parts.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs. INet ™ all-inclusive pricing allows you to reduce extra purchasing, shipping and inventory costs.
  • Increases productivity. INet ™ automated maintenance saves you time and reduces labor costs.
  • Standardize the training of your staff. Training workers in the use of different gas detectors can be expensive and confusing. iNet ™ makes it easy to standardize equipment for one or multiple installations.


SAFER is a dynamic feather modeling software that allows you to quickly identify the source and severity and impact of any chemical emergency. It uses data from on-site gas sensors and weather stations to create a real-time dispersion model to act quickly and in all conditions.

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