Dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of filters and sieves. The development of this activity is carried out based on scientific research, laboratory tests and real applications, obtaining products that completely solve the challenges and needs in sectors such as:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Mining Industry
  • Gaseous and liquid media transportation and distribution
  • Food industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Crude oil and natural gas
  • Process engineering
  • Groundwater Development / Geothermal
  • Explotation of crude oil and natural gas

FORMATIONLINK™ slotted well filters

One of the main products that Con-slot SCREENS produces are the innovative FORMATIONLINK ™ slotted well filters.

Specific design features: The specific design feature of FORMATIONLINK ™ filters is a single filter surface, which promotes direct radial filtration of tank fluid and prevents the formation of stagnant areas, as it excludes sludge build-up (plugging) filter and erosion damage, as well as reduces hydraulic losses during liquid flow in the well. Advantages of this design: 

  • Maximum possible open area that maintains sufficient filter resistance characteristics.
  • Supply of laminar flow of the medium separated by the filter.
  • Formation of natural gravel filter.
  • Supply ofminimum hydraulic resistance.
  • Provision of the conditions for reverse circulation.


Switching device. Manufacture of internal axial and radial type reactor devices.

The switching device has been designed to reduce the rate of entry of the product into the reactor and at the same time protect the catalyst layer against erosion by washing and the destruction of the trays. It can have different designs.

Water intake filters

Con-slot screens produces a complete set of water intake equipment. Our filters are used to purify large volumes of water injected from lakes, rivers and seas, in order to subsequently supply electric power plants, water distillation units, companies that offer industrial water treatment services and water purification companies. The water intake filters are designed to be installed in open water (rivers and lakes) and serve to remove dirt, sand and other particles.

Grooved gutters in filter chambers

Filtration chambers (with monolayer or multilayer resin loading, without pressure) are used in the purification stage of extracted and recycled water, as well as in filter units of industrial companies and urban farms.
The application of the grooved gutters produced by our company in filter chambers allows to substantially increase the number of filtration cycles, simplify installation and maintenance, and, at the same time, achieve a high degree of water purification

Transparent micro-fabric drum filters

These filters are ideal for filtering wastewater flowing from purification units. Filters of this design are widely used in the paper and textile industries, on fish farms, as well as for water filtration in thermoelectric power plants and for wastewater treatment.
These filters are used in the last (third) stage of mechanical filtration, and allow obtaining the necessary quality of purified water.

Curved sieves

These sieves are widely used in all industries. The main consumers of this product are mining companies and the food industry. Also, curved screens can be used appropriately for wastewater and circulation water treatment.
Curved screens are characterized by ease of maintenance, the possibility of continuous operation, high performance, not requiring energy consumption and having minimal manufacturing costs.

Mechanical drum filters

Mechanical drum filters are the optimal solution for pretreatment of water and other liquids. Water and liquids are cleaned to remove impurities and there are a number of advantages compared to vibrating screens and inclined (arched) screens.
This equipment has been successfully applied in various industries, including the paper and food industries.

Centrifugal Rotors

Con-slot SCREENS can manufacture a wide range of centrifugal rotors, both conical (TEMA, HSG …) and cylindrical (Krauss Maffei etc.).

Switching device on the base of the type with false floor

Exchange device with cover on the base

Exchange beam isopositive device at the base

Filter tank filter screen

Curved and semiheliocoidal screw sieves

Diffusion sieves

Flat sieves

Basquet-shaped filter (Cartridge filter)

Cassette filters

Drum filters

Conical filters

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