Magnetic Testing

Magnetic Testing
Monitorización de la calidad del aire en interiores

Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2

Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 is a device for non-destructive testing of chemical-thermal, thermal and thermomechanical treatments, evaluation of mechanical properties and residual stresses.

Using steel structure analyzer user is carried out identification and measurement of the mechanical properties of metal hardness, as well as measurements of products from ferromagnetic alloys in the presence of correlations between the studied parameters.

In addition, the device is used for testing the surface layer of ferromagnetic material for grading the metal in steel grades.

NOVOTEST KRC-M2 it is a transmitter made of the electromagnet with integrated Hall sensor and removable pole pieces. The principle of devices operation is following: There is a magnetization of controlled area of the tested object and its subsequent progressive demagnetization by the increasing field. Next is the fixation of the magnetic field in accordance with the coercive force of the material is measured and controlled items amplitude signals from the Hall sensor.

Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1M

Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1M is designed for rapid non-destructive testing:

  • Magnetic fields in the control of ferromagnetic products by MT control.
  • Levels of industrial noise.
  • Technical characteristics of equipment for magnetic particle inspection of passport data and the requirements of normative and technical documentation.
  • The level of the remanent magnetization of products after magnetic particle inspection.
  • Magnetic induction of the various components, devices, products.


Advantages of Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1M

The device used to measure the static field. Portable Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1M is equipped with a Hall probe to measure the magnetic induction in the following units: Gauss, Tesla, Amps / meter.

Gaussmeter (magnetometer) consists of an electronic unit and various removable sensors. The device runs on two standard alkaline batteries AA (1.5 V).

Purificación del aire interior
Control de humedad ambiental

Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC

Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC applies in circumstances where the power control equipment can’t be used.

For magnetic particle inspection applications (where applicable) per specifications ASTM E 709, ASTM E 1444, ASME Section V Article 7 and MIL-STD-1949. Order a Permanent Magnetic Yoke Set separately or with a complete kit. Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC is intended to detect surface and subsurface cracks of all kinds, then, the poor penetration in structures made of ferromagnetic materials.

The device is designed as a two permanent magnets placed in a cylindrical shell, connected by a flexible magnetic core and is designed to monitor remote locations and corner welds. Flaw detection for high surface and subsurface discontinuities, fractures of all types, check crack, incomplete penetration.

The flaw detector is designed to monitor parts and products of various shapes and sizes of magnetic particle method allows to detect surface and subsurface discontinuity: cracks of different origins, check crack, flake, lack of fusion welded joints, tears etc.

Advantages of the Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC

Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC may apply if you can’t use electromagnets, when supply of electricity is difficult or restricted by the rules of safety (during work at height, working in the field, quality control of internal surface of tanks, boilers) at ambient temperature from 30°C below zero to 50°C above zero and relative humidity up to 95% at 35°C.

Magnetic Test Samples

We produce different types of magnetic test saples, such as: bars, plates, disks with different types of cracks.

The test blocks are used for:

  • Quality comparison of different magnetic powders (particle solutions).
  • Quality assurance of magnetic powders while working with the testing bench.
  • For quality analysis during the magnetic particle testing, also to check the correct dosing of magnetic powder in automatic testing.


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