dust measurement

dust measurement

Fine dust concentrations pose a great danger in the workplace. Everything related to occupational hygiene and occupational medicine when using solvents and hazardous substances is included in the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS); these rules contain directives regarding the use of alternative products and processes for substances composed of a large amount of solvents.

At Gealia we have equipment for monitoring concentrations of respirable dust. The TM-F product range is designed for dust monitoring in production processes, ventilation systems, filtration plants and mining. These devices are characterized by being compact, robust and easy to use, and their maintenance requirements are extremely low.

Respicon TM/Respicon 2TM:

Dust monitors with photometric measurement are used for the simultaneous collection of particles in the air in three stages; inhalable, thoracic and breathable, according to the UNE EN 481 standard. Each of the three stages has a filter in which the respective dust fraction is collected, then a gravimetric analysis of the collected dust is performed and finally the included evaluation software calculates concentrations of inhalable dust, thoracic and respirable air fractions. In addition, it has a light phonometer that provides online measurements with temporal resolution.

Respicon TM/Respicon 2TM

TM data II mobile dust monitor

Dust control in production enviroments

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