smart city

smart city

The increase in citizen participation, excellence in management and the search for efficient technological and urban solutions that save natural resources should define the strategy of the public managers of the 21st century for the design of the cities of the future, improving the quality of life of citizens. GEA Control is the division of GEA Quality whose mission is to take advantage of accumulated experience and success stories to incorporate the management of the urban environment into the Smart City philosophy. GEA Control makes cityCheck available to you, a multiApp platform for continuous monitoring that allows you to record and disseminate the information generated by the sensors deployed in a city, in addition to systematizing the environmental inspection. We have achieved that the union of
concepts such as Smart City, Specialization, Simplicity, Sustainability and Efficiency, give rise to cityCheck, a tool that guarantees the performance of projects with rigor and optimization of resources. Through cityCheck, its managers can know the state of the environment in a reliable way, adjusted to the specific needs of the moment and inform the citizen in real time.

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